Music is the language of the soul. I believe one can truly know someone by learning their musical taste. Also, given the vast amount of absolutely wonderful pieces and our limited lifetime, I consider it a vice and a mark of poor character to listen to cheap superficial songs noise.

8-Bit (Game Boy).

—天谷 大輔 - Cave Story; Theme Song.

—桜庭 統 - The Elemental Stars; Golden Sun.


—Enya - The humming.

Celtic punk.

—The Pogues - I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day.

—The Pogues - A Pistol for Paddy Garcia.

—The Pogues - Planxty Noel Hill.


—David Maslanka - Symphony No. 4: Measures 712-End.

—Dietrich Paredes - Shostakovich 10, 2nd movement.

—Itzhak Perlman - Bazzini.

—Jean-Baptiste Lully - Les Folies d'Espagne.

—Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6 - Capriccio Italien, Op. 45, TH 47.

—The Pixies - Where Is My Mind; cover by Maxence Cyrin.


—Amon Tobin - Theme From Battery.

—M83 - Outro.

—Pogo - Data & Picard.

—Massive Attack - Karmacoma.

—Massive Attack - Angel.

—The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl.


—Naragonia - Hellebore / Too late to sleep.

—Marieke Van Ransbeeck, Benjamin Macke, Dimos De Beun, Ronan Kernoa. [Starts at 4:40.]

—Alan Stivell - The King of the fairies


—Hans Teeuwen - Zo Alleen.

—Boudewijn de Groot - Verdronken Vlinder.


—Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver.

—Exodus - The Ballad of Leonard and Charles.


—Michel Petrucciani - Caravan.

—Ray Bryant Trio - Autumn Leaves.


—Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights.

—Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry.

—The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever.


—Hôtel Costes (Stephane Pompougnac).


—Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away.

—Sharon Van Etten - Comeback Kid.

—Something Corporate - Konstantine.

—The Cure - Cold.

—The Birthday Massacre - One.

—Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had).


—Inkuyo - Wipala.

—Dhafer Youssef - Soupir Eternel.