Angelino Desmet.

“What is your profession?” “To be a good person.” —Marcus Aurelius

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Degrowth, veganism, Cynicism, nuclear energy, mastery based education, freethought, deliberative democracy, ad blocking.

Throughout the years I've changed my mind often. Contrary to popular belief, that's a good thing.

“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”


We live on a planet with finite resources, an economy that aims for indefinite growth is inherently unsustainable. Stop it. GDP needs to yield for UBI; the economy should serve humanity and nature, not the other way around.

Degrowth elephant vs snail illustration.

(Ethical) Veganism.

It just isn't possible to mass produce meat without torturing animals. In fact, raising animals specifically for consumption, i.e., “humane slaughter”, is an oxymoron.


“For the Cynics, the purpose of life is to live in virtue, in agreement with nature.” —Wikipedia

Naturally flowing from Cynicism is minimalism. The less you need, the less you have to work, the more time you have; for time is the most valuable resource there is.

Nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy or atomic energy is green and safe! However, don't take my word for it:

Mastery based education.

Currently, the time spent on a topic is fixed, and mastery is variable; the converse should be true. Ultimately, education should nurture curiosity, not stifle it.


“[…] beliefs should not be formed on the basis of authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma, and that beliefs should instead be reached by other methods such as logic, reason, and empirical observation.” —Wikipedia

Deliberative democracy.

Only informed people should be able to vote on policies in their respective fields of expertise.

“Deliberative democracy, school of thought in political theory that claims that political decisions should be the product of fair and reasonable discussion and debate among citizens.” —Britannica.

My review of The Flaws That Kill Our Democracy by Klaas Mensaert.

In the quest for efficiency, scientists and engineers are often inspired by, and get praised for using mechanisms from the natural world. That politics should be no different is my main takeaway from this book (e.g. bottom-up approach, piecemeal changes, trial-by-combat, etc.), achievable ideas I can fully get behind. Except for that last one, that was a joke. []

Ad blocking.

Things I support.

Lichess. is the best chess website on the Web; completely free while refusing the use of ads and trackers. Click the following link to play me.

Free, libre, open source software.

Because power-mad greedy monopolies need competition. Here's a list of all the software I use.

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