Cynicus Rex.

“The root of evils is desire.”

Hi. My name is Angelino Desmet and welcome to Cynicus Rex. Here you'll find my preoccupations frequently influenced by Cynicism, the philosophy that pursues an equilibrium with nature 🌳.

Within Diogenes the Cynic: Sayings and Anecdotes, with Other Popular Moralists by Robin Hard I found new friends to share that pursuit. Unfortunately they lived over two thousand years ago. Therefore I call for a Cynic revival. Humans need practice in the art of living—discerning what's worth living for.

Many will consider Cynicism too extreme. Granted, for I am of the all-or-nothing persuasion. But just as harmful bacteria are treated with antibiotics, malignant ideas need to be put in check with radical philosophies. Usually moderation is key, but sometimes that just doesn't cut it.

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